Librivox: Read along 6000+ for Android,iOS

  • App : Librivox: Read along 6000+ APP for iOS,Android
  • 版本 : 5.8
  • 年龄分级 : 4+
  • 开发人员 : himalaya-soft | App 支持

Librivox: Read along 6000+下载

Librivox: Read along 6000+ iOS 版:下载地址

Librivox: Read along 6000+ Android 版:下载地址1 下载地址2

Librivox: Read along 6000+介绍

Librivox: Read along 6000+Bedtime Story?
Let your kids grow up enjoying classic stories with an engaging voice (lets face it, most of us are terrible story teller). Let the professionals read to your kids!

Audio and Text are synchronized. You can read, listen, or read-Along, and switch between them at will.

Challenged by English?
Be it Chaucer's Canterbury Tales or Alice in Wonderland. Let the professionals guide you through!

Just Want to Relax and Listening?
You can enjoy an entire book without ever touching your device! Leave your device alone and control this app through headset: pause, play, skip to next/previous track, forward/backward seeking.

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