Chuck’s big truck – Little Boy for Android,iOS

  • App : Chuck’s big truck – Little Boy APP for iOS,Android
  • 版本 : 1.2
  • 年龄分级 : 4+
  • 开发人员 : PLURIAD | App 支持

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Chuck’s big truck – Little Boy介绍

Chuck's big truck - Little Boy"A good set of extra activities related to story. The option to record your own narration. Multiple language versions included in the price. Ease of use. No distracting elements." (AppySmart)

"A series of beautiful stories for children to delve into a world familiar, reassuring and colorful. Kids may ask for more! Fortunately, they have choice." (


Based on the well-known collection of books "Little Boy" (over 500,000 books sold each year), the application "Chuck's big truck" features a fun, interactive story, giving kids a chance to find out in a playful way what it's like to be a truck driver.

Roam the roads and deliver loads with Chuck's big truck. Look for the sounds and interactive animations on the screen, then record your own voice instead of that of the narrator. Give your answers to the quiz and play with the jigsaw puzzles and the coloring books. And finally, why don't you take a picture of yourself with Chuck's big truck?
"Chuck's big truck" is a story where your child can identify with the hero and let his imagination wander.

• Interactive story for preschoolers
• Read or listen
• Record your own voice!
• Snap yourself at the wheel of the big truck!
• Quiz about Chuck's story
• 5 jigsaw puzzles, 3 levels
• 5 coloring books.
• Have fun and learn new languages with texts and audio in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish!

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