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  • App : Check Bible APP for iOS,Android
  • 版本 : 2.11
  • 年龄分级 : 4+
  • 开发人员 : JINHO CHO | App 支持

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Check Bible介绍

Check Bible* Check Bible ( Bible Reading Planner )
+ Bible check list

Check Bible is the bible reading planner that help you track your progress as you read through the Bible. Just make a new reading plan and check the chapter you read at the bible check list.
Check Bible shows today’s verse everyday by calculating the amount of chapters and time. And you can optionally link to a bible website or launch a iOS bible app to see the verse you want.
In the report view, you can confirm your progress rate and remain chapters and days.


1. Bible Reading Planner
– Adding various plans.
– 3 different Plan Types: Through the Bible, M’Cheyne, Chronological
– Calculating today’s verse.
– Report View shows progress rate and current status ( passed dates and read chapters).

2. Bible Check List
– 3 type bible check lists : Normal bible check list, M’Cheyne check list, Chronological check list.

3. Linked Bible
** iOS App
– You Version, Pocket Sword, Olive TreeBible, Logos Bible, Crossway ESV

** Web
– English : You Version (ESV, NIV, NKJV), (ESV, NAB, KJV), Crossway ESV (ESV)
– Korean : You Version (KRV, KLB, SKV), (SKV),
– Turkish : You Version ( Yeni Çeviri ), ( Yeni Çeviri )

** ‘Check Bible’ doesn’t include bible texts .

4. Notes
– Write your meditation and thoughts
– Note management by category.
– Sharing your note with Facebook or another App.

5. Calendar
– See your daily reading verses on the calendar

6. ETC
– Password protection
– Dropbox backup and restore function

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